20 Questions about Hush with Lisa
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1. When did Hush open?
November 17, 2007.  I wanted to be open before Black Friday.
2. What made you decide that Brighton was the perfect location for your shop?
My husband and I moved here in May of 2000 and fell in love with the area, especially the downtown.  Also, with Brighton being located close to I-96 and US-23, it is easily accessible.
3. If someone asked you for your elevator pitch about Hush what would you tell them?
After 12 years in business I have yet to find a 15 or 30 second statement that truly captures all that we do. I think elevator pitches work great for some business.  I am open to continuing to develop one for Hush. However, being a business specifically for helping women with their undergarment needs, it has been a challenge!
4. What products does your shop carry?
Our primary focus is bras and panties. We also carry lingerie, swimwear, shapewear, delicate fabric wash and bags, wardrobe malfunction solutions, inserts for modesty and enhancement, knitted knockers, and a variety of other items.
5. How do I know if I am wearing the correct bra size?
You visit the experts at Hush to be properly fit!  We also believe that almost every woman knows when her bra just isn’t quite right.  However, a few of the most common indicators are: the band rides up, the straps keep falling off the shoulder, and if the cups are overflowing or have space to fill.
6. Does your shop offer free bra consultations, so I know if I am wearing the correct size or what bra size I should be wearing?
Absolutely!  This is our primary raison d’être!  (That’s French for reason for existing.)  We love to consult with women about their undergarment goals.
7. What bra sizes do you carry?
We carry over 150 sizes and can order beyond the sizes we have in store.  Generally, we start at a 30A and stock up to a 42O; we also carry up to a 48 band in an I cup.  In cases where we do not have the proper size in store, we are often able to order.
8. Do you carry products for women who have lost their breasts due to breast cancer?
Yes.  A couple of years ago we partnered with a non-profit organization called knitted knockers (www.knittedknockers.org). Their primary focus is the free distribution of handcrafted breast prostheses to breast cancer survivors. These prostheses are incredibly soft and give a great shape when placed in a properly fitted bra.  They come in many sizes and are easily adjusted. We have sets and singles for many sizes. Although, the prostheses and mastectomy bra business is not our primary focus, we can order products from one of our vendors.  We also refer our clients to a specialist that we work closely with at a medical supply company.  
9. What is the #1 bra that you sell?
Currently, our #1 selling bra is the Basic Beauty by Wacoal.  However, we have a great mix in our top 10 that fit a variety of women.
10. Does Hush sell bras for young ladies who are just starting to wear a bra?
We do!  We carry Maidenform Girl which has an amazing price point of only $12 – $15 (the same price you would pay at a big box store.)  We also host special events geared toward our younger clientele.
11. What is your recommended bra for women who do not like underwire?
We have a few non-wired bras by Wacoal, Anita, Montelle, and Elomi.  What we recommend depends on the client’s bra size and what her ultimate goals are.
12. What is your recommended bra for women who want to increase their cleavage?
Our favorite push-up bras are by Freya and Montelle.  However, we have quite a few options in this area as well. Size and personal preference of the client all play a role in what we would recommend. We have styles that offer a slight increase as well as styles that offer full size increase.  We also carry inserts that enhance size.
13. What is your recommended underwear for women who do not want underwear lines showing underneath their pants?
We currently carry a collection by Wacoal that is a great solution piece for this challenge.  However, many of our brands make a seam free leg that work well under a variety of clothing styles.
14. What is your recommended bathing suit style top for women who are larger chested?
We carry swimwear from a B cup to L cup.  We find that swimsuits are incredibly personal to the individual. We strive to find the right fit for our clients no matter their style preference because fashion in swim should reflect who you are. We have styles for the mom who will be running after children at the pool or beach to styles for the woman who is doing water aerobics.  We also carry styles for the young at heart as well as style for the modest.
15. What is your recommended bathing suit style type for women who are smaller chested?
Along the same lines as our previous answer, fashion is so personal. We like to let our customers lead us by asking questions on their preferred styles and then helping them find the right size and fit within that criteria. We want our customers leaving feeling like the best versions of themselves, and we wouldn’t want to change our customer’s personal styles for the world.
16. What is your recommended bathing suit style bottom for women who want modest coverage?
For those who would like a more coverage bottom there are many styles to choose from. From a high waisted brief, to a boy short style, to a mid-rise bottom with ruching, and even swim skirts, all have their benefits and provide modesty as well as being styles that are still on trend. 
17. Does Hush have gift certificates individuals can purchase for their family and friends?
Yes!  We are big advocates of gift certificates as they can help women get inspired to come into the store to be measured.  Our customers love to receive them as gifts!
18. Does Hush host any events for the public to attend?
We participate in Downtown Brighton’s Ladies Night Out.  We do host other events throughout the year as well and are often brainstorming on what our next event should be.
19. What is your address? Hours of operation? Website? FB? Instagram? Twitter?
Hush is located at 431 W Main St, Brighton, MI 48116
Website: www.hushintimateapparel.com
Facebook:  facebook.com/hushintimateapparel
Insta: @hushladies
20. Is there any other important information you’d like to share with me about Hush?
I and the staff at Hush strive to make our store a safe place for women. We understand that shopping for intimate apparel can often be intimidating, awkward, or feel like a chore.  We want to change that. We’ve made bra shopping personal because no two women are the same and the answers do not come neatly packaged in A-B-C, 32-34-36 categories. Instead we offer personalized bra fittings where every woman is consulted about her specific requirements, needs, and preferences. 
My personal review of Hush:
“I love going to Hush because you feel like you can be yourself and ask all the questions you want to ask and aren’t ashamed to ask them.  Lisa and her staff create an inviting environment for women and offer education on all of their products, so you know what product will best suit your own personal needs.  I went into Lisa’s store with one bra size and left with a new one. It is amazing how having a perfectly fitted bra makes all the difference in comfort and confidence.”
– Kristin

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