20 Questions about London Beauty with Kathleen
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1. When did London Beauty open?
London Beauty opened in July of 2018
2. What made you decide that Brighton was the perfect location for your store?
It was actually Seredipity.  I had loved the idea of being on a main street but nothing in Brighton was available.  I happened to be driving one day and decided to try looking again. Sure enough this little space was available and it was next to an established boutique which also happened to be the landlord.  It was a perfect match.
3. If someone asked you for your elevator pitch about London Beauty what would you tell them?
We are a kinder and softer Sephora focused on giving every client the opportunity to interact with indie and aspirational brands that are cleaner by design while allowing each individual to discover their own beauty.
4. What types of services does London Beauty offer?
We offer mini and express facials with Hydrafacail Perk as well as make up services for both discovery and full glam.
5. What type of products does London Beauty carry?
We carry skincare, makeup, nail polish, bath and body as well as lifestyle items like neutracueticals, jade rollers, sun screen and toothpaste.  Most of our products are specifically sourced as cruelty free and free of ingredients of concern.
6. Why do you feel it is important to carry organic and vegan products at your store?
The industry is changing and much like the food industry several years ago, people want to understand what they are putting on their bodies not just what they put into their bodies.  Cosmetics has been so self-regulated that consumers are starting to question how they spend their money. This is where the Indie and clean beauty movement have stepped in – by allowing transparency in what they produce along with having a product the perform.
7. What are the top 5 beauty products every woman needs?
My 5 desert island pulls are Le Prunier plum oil for moisture, LeBon toothpaste for fresh breath, Concealer, mascara (I love the new Ilia all natural one) and a ph balancing lip balm by Winky Lux.
8. What products does a woman need to get herself out the front door in 5 minutes and look ready for the day?
I feel like my go to items are always a multi stick. You can use it as a blush, eye shadow, and lipstick.
9. Does it matter what type of brushes you use to apply your makeup?  How often should we clean our makeup brushes? What should we use to clean our makeup brushes?
We always feel you should use the type of brushes that you are most comfortable with, however, quality plays an important part in this equation.  High quality brushes will deliver color and “eat” less product. This gives you a more professional finish. You should clean your brushes in-between each use by just swiping them off on a cloth but deep clean on a monthly basis or when they look sticky.  We prefer just shampooing them in any gentle or delicate, low sulfate shampoo you have handy.
10. Can we use our fingers to apply our foundation/blush?
Absolutely!  There are no rules to makeup and sometimes our hands are our best applicators.
11. What is the best type of eyeliner for those of us who aren’t professional makeup artists to use? 
Using a pencil style liner is probably the easiest on the surface but can leave you with a fat line if you don’t sharpen it.  Using a thin angled brush with a dark powder pressed into the lash line is the most natural and just as easy with a touch of practice.
12. How can I transition from a day look to an evening look without taking off all of my makeup?
The simplest answer is … add a bold lip.  Red dresses up everything! If that seems too scary adding a darker color eyeshadow on the outer edges of you eye will give you a smoky look.  When in doubt, blend it out!
13. In terms of makeup, what are the new trends for fall and winter this year?
We always see a resurgence of bold lip colors this time of year but particularly plum and berry are prevalent.  Also, bold unexpected eye colors like burgundy, blue and green. And on the other end of the spectrum, classic clean faces with flushed cheeks and a touch of mascara are filling up our days.
14. Does London Beauty accept same day appointments?
15.Does London Beauty schedule bridal party appointments?
We accommodate bridal parties through our Beauty Valet who can come to you and your party.  For every other type of appointment, we handle it in store. Or if you are interested in hosting a party for a bunch of girls we can do that after hours and do masks and makeup applications.
16. Does London Beauty carry products for men?
We carry many unisex products!
17. Does London Beauty have gift certificates individuals can purchase for their family and friends?
We have gift cards that are available in store and for in store shopping.  Currently the gift cards cannot be used online.
18. Does London Beauty host any events for the public to attend?
We regularly host events here at the shop from facial events to our monthly Girl Gang on the first Thursday of every month.
19. What is your address? Website? FB? Instagram?
We are located at 424 W. Main St, Brighton MI 48116
20. Is there any other important information you’d like to share with me about London Beauty Online?
Just that we love helping anyone at any age find a little touch of their own creativity and inner beauty!
My personal review of London Beauty:
“I first stepped into London Beauty over a year ago at their ribbon cutting ceremony and have been visiting their shop every since. I love that for $35 I can go in and get my makeup done for a special event or date night.  The plum oil they carry to moisturize your skin is a must for anyone with dry skin. If you wear makeup and haven’t stepped into London Beauty you are doing yourself a disservice, and need to visit their shop immediately.”

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