20 Questions about Culture Beer and Cheese with Carly Leisk
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1. When did Culture Beer and Cheese open?
We opened September 1, 2018!
2. What made you and your husband decide that Brighton was the perfect location for your shop?
We chose Brighton for our store because of the great restaurants here, clearly the people of Brighton must love good food, and we felt this clientele would be receptive to our specialty shop concept. We also love how much foot traffic Main Street gets – having people walk by and decide to stop in on a whim is the best!
3. If someone asked you for your elevator pitch about Culture Beer and Cheese what would you tell them?
Culture Beer and Cheese is a specialty food shop featuring artisan cheese, charcuterie and pantry items. Our craft beer bottle shop (to go only) has over 80 types of craft beer and cider, all sold individually for customers to mix and match and make their own perfect collection. We are also a little cafe, where you can enjoy some gourmet crepes, both savory and sweet, cheese and meat boards, or a scoop of gelato!
4. What is your favorite cheese?
Really hard to choose only one, but I am a sucker for a rich triple cream, my favorite in house is the French Delice de Bourgogne. It’s like eating super creamy salted butter!
5. What is your most popular cheese that you sell?
Our best selling cheeses are the Prima Donna Gouda from the Netherlands, and the Cottonwood River Cheddar from a small family farm in Kansas.
6. What is one cheese that you like and your husband doesn’t and vice versa?
This is a tough one! I’m super picky, and I don’t like young (or cheap)”Swiss” cheese styles, I find them bitter. My husband David will eat anything put in front of him!
7. What was your son’s first cheese?
I think I started him out with a mellow sheep’s milk cheese from the French Pyrenees called Ossau Iraty. Now he’ll happily tell you his favorites are goat cheese and blue cheese!
8. At your family get togethers what do you like to bring to the party?Do your family members always expect you to bring a cheese and meat platter?
I am always expected to bring cheese to a party! My family is pretty adventurous so I tend to mix it up for them, in terms of what cheeses and meat will be on their tray, but I’m happy that they also love stinky and funky cheeses!
9. What is the difference between gelato and ice cream?
Gelato and ice cream have the same ingredients, but gelato is made with a lower cream to milk ratio, making it lower in fat than regular ice cream. It also gets mixed in a different way resulting in less air being folded in, so gelato is more dense and creamy (less fluffy)than standard ice cream.
10. Why is gelato so addicting?
The lower amount of cream means that your tongue is not coated in as much fat, meaning that your taste buds are actually receiving more flavor per bite! That would be pretty darn addicting right there!
11. What makes a crepe a crepe?
A crepe is basically a really thin pancake that gets filled with a variety of different filling options, then folded or rolled up for consumption.
12. Can customers create their own crepe?
We have a savory menu with 12 options, and a build your own sweet crepe menu as well. We also make gluten free crepes upon request!
13. Do you take catering orders for cheese trays in addition to personal to go orders? What catering options do you offer?
We love doing catering cheese trays! We have 3 basic sizes for cheese trays and meat trays (Small feds 6-10, Medium 10-15, Large 20-30), and customers can combine the meats and cheeses if wanted.
14. Where do you get the amazing bread that comes with your cheese plates?
We are so lucky to have Great Harvest Bread Co as our next door neighbors! They make us fresh baguettes every day for our cheeseboards, or for customers to buy with their retail purchases. On weekends they make us a special Fennel and Golden Raisin bread that is AMAZING with cheese!
15. Does your beer selection rotate or do you typically carry the same beer all year long?
There are a few core beers we like to keep on hand, but mostly we rotate our selection. We like keeping things fresh for our customers so you can always discover something new!
16. What types of meat do you carry in your store?
We have an assortment of charcuterie (French for cured meat) in shop! Cured aged hams like Prosciutto, Jamon Serrano and smokey Speck; a variety of salami styles, like the peppercorn studded Sopressata, or the fennel spiked Dodge City Salame, and even some cool hard to find items like ‘Nduja (a spicy prosciutto spread) and a Truffle Mousse Pate.
17. Can customers enjoy their tasty selections inside your store or do they need to take their food to-go?
We have seating for 20 guests in our small cafe, with a few outside tables in good weather. Beer and wine are to go only.
18. Does your shop host any events for the public to attend?
We host FREE pairing events in shop, featuring a different brewery,cider house, or vineyard, where guests can taste their way through a selection of 3 beverages all paired with 3 cheeses from our collection. These occur on Thursday evenings from 5-7pm, check our social media for details or sign up for our email list!
19. What is your address? Hours of operation? Website? FB? Instagram?Twitter?
We are located at 412 W Main Street, open 6 days a week (closed Monday). We open at 11:30, closing at 7 weekdays, 8 Friday and Saturday, and 5 on Sunday. You can find us on social media @culturebeerandcheese, or at culturebeerandcheese.com.
20. Is there any other important information you’d like to share with me about Culture Beer and Cheese?
Opening this shop has literally been a dream come true for our family, and we’re so happy to be a part of this great Brighton community! Please stop in and say hi if you’re in the area, we’d love to meet you!  Bring the whole family, Culture Beer and Cheese is a family place, our 2 year old son Milo will most likely greet you at the door!
My personal review of Culture Beer and Cheese:
Culture Beer and Cheese is one of my favorite shops to stop into when I am in downtown Brighton. Carly, David, and Milo have an amazing shop where you can’t go wrong with anything you purchase. Some of my favorite things to buy at their shop include their Cottonwood River Cheddar, Caprese crepe, Apple of My Eye crepe, raspberry gelato, and their deluxe meat and cheese plate. If you have never been to their shop you must stop by because your taste buds are missing out on some delicious eats for the entire family!”

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